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*Intro music plays*

Tabi (Host): Hi, and welcome to the Season 2 premiere of Interviews With The Stars!

*Audience applauds as intro music ends*

Tabi: Here at the SWC we bring you exclusive interviews of stars around the book world. Last season we got a first look at the mystery man Landon Miller from R.M. Gauthier’s novel Control, we even got a chance to have a one on one with the best surfer in the world Derek Kemp, from Ame Terra’s Earth No. 105.

*Hoots and whistles come from the audience*

Tabi (Continued): I see we have some returning viewers in the audience *winks* welcome back! So you’ll probably remember the show wrapped up with stars Mia Bryn, Augusta Bergeron, and Axis from Lyra Shanti’s Shiva XIV series.

*Audience applauds*

Tabi: Today we have the privilege of interviewing another star from the Shiva XIV series so please give a warm round of applause for Zin Ra!

*Applause continues as Zin enters the stage. He takes a bow before taking a seat*

Tabi: Welcome to the show!

*A wide smile spreads across Zin’s face*

Zin: Well, hello there, Tabi!

Tabi: Some of us got to get well acquainted when you diverted us way off course on our way to Kri last season so we know you’re from Ohrian.

Zin: Wait a minute, that was Axis’ fault, if I recall. Him and his unrefined time and space travel ability. But yeah .. That was fun! I hope you enjoyed the wine from Kri, too.
*Tabi laughs at the memory*
Tabi: It was a great time, wasn’t it? And yes, I did! Thank you. Would you mind telling us a little bit about the Ohr culture?

Zin: Hmm… I’ll tell you what I learned from my teacher, Zasaban. The planet I come from (Ohr) has a rich history where our people used to worship an ancient sea goddess. Anyway, we were once a diverse culture with varied religions, shapes, and colors, but through the ages, we grew into a technological giant where religion was outlawed by the government because it was seen as detrimental to the advancement of scientific accomplishment.

Tabi: Wow, this seems extreme. Has illegalizing religion caused any social issues in Ohr?

Zin: At first it did, yeah… there was even a civil war, but that was, like, hundreds of years ago. People pretty much accept things the way they are now. I’m sure there are some who secretly practice religion, but it’s rare.

Tabi: Nothing but law and order now, huh?

*Tabi winks*

Tabi: What’s a common belief held by most on your planet?

Zin: Currently, our people think they are more advanced than all other races and planets. That may be true, since we have the best technology and military resources, but I personally think things are lacking. I mean, in our hunt for technological dominance, we forgot how to dream and love. Music and art isn’t valued much on my planet. We have theatre and even some opera, but the themes are so dry, usually having to do with how brilliant or mighty the hero is. There’s much we could learn from others, but my people hardly believe that.

Tabi: That’s sad. I agree with you. If we’re open to it, we can learn a lot from other people. Now, I see that you are also feature in your own story called Zin’s Wild Ride which came out this past April. Could you give us a little hint from this story?

Zin: It’s about me as an inquisitive 8-year-old who rebels against his father, the king of Ohr, to do something most kids don’t do at such an age. It’s a mostly true story.

*Zin winks playfully*

Tabi: Wonderful! Well, I’ve heard great things about it. Now, Deius is another world in Shiva XIV that is quite the opposite of Ohr in regard to religion. What are you personal views of Deius?

Zin: Unlike most of my fellow Ohrians, I think Deius has a lot of potential for greatness. Despite the Dei Priest controlled dark ages it became, Deius seemed to be much more advanced once. In fact, I read that a long time ago, Deius had A class ships and that The Great Adin himself was the first man to travel to Sirin.

Tabi *Surprised*: Really?
Zin: I’m not sure if that is actually true, since Ohrians have been traveling the stars for just as long, if not longer. Also, Sri Unda, who came from Deius, was the first to discover the many energy uses of plasma, and because of her ideas and theories, we now have plasma ships and so many more tech devices and machines. Point is, Deius was great once… before their breakdown of modern science. I do like their folk songs and poetic prayers though. I guess I see the planet as a wasted opportunity. I can only hope Ayn, the Shiva, turns it around to be a balanced society.

Tabi: Now, I’ve read about this thing called Plasma in the first book of the Shiva XIV series, but could you explain plasma for us earthling?

Zin: According to what I’ve read, plasma is the controlled manipulation of electro-magnetic energy. They use plasma in almost everything in The Un Galaxy now, except for the less sophisticated planets, like Sirin. You can find it inside most machines, even in clocks and lamps. I think they liquefy it somehow for the engines of ships, but I honestly didn’t study much about how plasma works. I guess my passions were always in music and art. I also took warrior arts classes growing up.

Tabi: Fascinating! What type of things did you do in warrior arts class? It sounds like the martial arts classes we have here.

Zin: Yeah, I think it’s very much the same, though it used the Lirhan style from Kri as its model. I basically learned to defend myself, if needs be, and to use my speed and instinct, balancing my upper body with my lower. So, for example…

*Audience watches as Zin gets up and extends his right arm while pulling back his left*

Zin: If I want to quickly take out an enemy, I have to…

*simultaneously punches air and kicks*

Zin: In one singular motion, ya know?

Tabi: I see.

Zin: And without too much forethought. It has to be balanced and natural.

*Zin sits back down as the audience claps*

Zin: It’s all about balance, and trusting yourself. It also involved a lot of meditation, so I listened to Deiusian folk songs and chants for that. I loved those classes, actually.

Tabi: Wow! Well, thank you for that demonstration. It seems you learned quite a bit.

Zin: Yeah, it was much better than science and math. I willfully ignored a lot of it, mostly to annoy my father who wanted me to become a brilliant scientist and leader. I suppose I failed his dream on purpose.

Tabi: You sound almost as rebellious as me!

*Tabi winks and the audience laughs*

Tabi: Now, on Earth we have malls where we shop for clothes, movie theaters and such. These are usually locations for first dates. What would a typical Ohrian first date look like?

Zin: We do many of those same things, actually! Shopping is a big deal on Ohr. We don’t have movies, but we do have three-dimensional games and home-watched stories. It’s all extremely realistic, and many people don’t even leave their houses because of their need to live in their second reality.

Tabi: Wow! Sounds like the premise of some of our movies.

Zin: Yeah, it’s frightening… Also, fashion is highly regarded, though I try not to care about that stuff. I like to take lovers to dinners at ocean-side restaurants and maybe go to a concert.

Tabi: I have to ask this since you’re from Ohr, can you breath under water?

Zin: I can, but it’s really uncomfortable and strange. It feels unnatural! We may have used our gills under water back when we were primitives, but now? It’s just a leftover accessory, not meant to be used.

Tabi: And do you have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in your world?

Zin: What? What are those? Oh wait… I’m being told that they are super sweet fruit jam and sticky goo made of salty nuts that are mashed up, surrounded by two slices of bread. Yuck! How do you people ingest such a disaster?

Tabi: Uh, because it’s delicious!

*Audience laughs*

Zin: No, we don’t have such things on Ohr. We’re not much for nutty flavors or sticky substances. We like fruit, but sparingly. I’d personally rather have what you call sushi. Now that sounds yummy!

Tabi: Okay, I agree with you there on sushi. It is delicious.

*Audience applauds in agreement*

Tabi: If you remember, we interviewed Axis last season. What do you think of him?

Zin: We’re not friends at all. I don’t even really understand what he is. I guess he’s an ancient being, like an old Sirini cat-bird creature… or something, and I’m glad he’s helped Ayn when I wasn’t there, but…. He and I don’t hang out.

Tabi: And why do you think that is?

Zin: I’ll put it plainly. Axis doesn’t like me. I don’t think he trusts me. And to be honest, I just can’t relate to that guy. I mean, how does one really talk to a god? Sure, Ayn is supposedly a god too, but… I don’t know, I met Ayn when he was just a kid and insecure. I guess it was easier to see the person inside. With Axis, it’s harder for me to see. And if I’m really honest, I’m jealous of his bond with Ayn. I guess that’s childish, huh?

Tabi: I think it’s natural to feel that way. You impress me, a lot of people aren’t that insightful into their own feelings to be able to admit to that. Well, time seems to be running out so we have a minute for just one more question. I’m really curious to know more about your world and how it compares to ours. On Earth we have stories about beings we call Mermaids/Mermen that are half fish, half human with their entire bottom half being a fishtail. Do you have any of these legends in your world?

Zin: We have more than legends! We have actual descendants from such creatures! And I’m being told that they are spotlighted on in book 4 of Shiva XIV! How cool! I think I’ll have to read that one… especially since I’m in it as well. It’s a very Ohr-centric book. Uh oh. Lyra is giving me the evil eye. What? Did I give away too much?

*Zin gives a naughty grin*

Zin: Oops.

*Audience laughs*

Tabi: Well, I’m looking forward to its release! Zin, thank you so much for making the trip all the way here to the SWC Headquarters and for being on the show. It’s been a spectacular.

Zin: Anytime, Tabs, Queen of the Indie Talk Show! But before I leave, how about a little Ohrian jazz? I brought my elenon, but I thought I’d play a bit of the iravine, which is a bit like your piano.

Tabi: Of course! We’d love that.

*Zin goes to the stage area and sits on a stool, then plays a beautiful, sultry piece on the iravine. As the song ends Zin looks up, smiles, and winks*

*Audience stands and applauds as Zin takes a bow*

Tabi *Applauding enthusiastically*: Bravo! Bravo!

*Applause continues as Zin exits the stage*

Tabi: That was delightful to hear, wasn’t it? What are you waiting for? Go grab your copy of Zin’s Wild Ride and Lyra Shanti’s latest release The Dragon Warrior of Kri!

*Audience continues to cheer as outro music plays*

Tabi: Prepare to dress up for our next episode of Interviews With The Stars! We’ll be transporting the SWC Headquarters to a land filled with swords and castles, so you won’t want to miss that.

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Have a great night and I sure hope you enjoyed this episode of Interviews With The Stars!

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Zin Ra is the prince of Ohr, and heir to his father’s vast kingdom. Only problem is Zin doesn’t want to do anything his father, Lod Enra, wants him to do. Instead of learning science and math, Zin would rather play music and daydream about flying to the stars. One fateful day, Zin makes his dream come true, but at what cost? This Shiva XIV story showcases Zin as a child, before fate put him in Ayn’s path, changing both of them forever.

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Before Meddhi became the high priest who raised Shiva the Fourteenth, he was a young man, destined to be the Dragon Warrior of Kri. Having left his home planet Deius, and the priesthood he believed would guide him, Meddhi is unsure what his new life on planet Kri will offer. His only goal: protect his dear friends Princess Pira and Prince Atlar at all costs! When Kri is suddenly attacked, Meddhi finds himself at the forefront of war, which calls forth the dark beast lurking in the shadows. Will he tame the beast, or will it conquer his soul?

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Lyra Shanti is a novelist, poet, playwright, and songwriter who currently lives in Florida with partner and spouse, Timothy, and their two insane cats.

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