The Books

Midlife Adventures of the Fae Realm

A series of steamy but interconnected midlife fantasy romances written for and about grown-up women.

Claws & Cocktails

Beast Hunting Mage Chronicles

An FBI slow burn enemies-to-lovers Romance

Beast Hunter
Fire Breather
Fortune Killer
Blood Sucker

Magic and law enforcement don’t mix. Trust me.

My name is Maremma Jones. I’m an exceptional cop with the Dallas PD. Or, at least I’m going to be.

I just have to figure out why werewolves, demons, vampires, and other spirits that shouldn’t exist are trying to kill me.

After a sketchy lawyer drops the bomb that my birth parents are dead, leaving me the sole heir of some hocus pocus spellbook, all hell breaks loose.

Now I’m a mage, but I can’t control my powers which puts both my career and my life at risk.

The worst part is, I may have let it slip about my inheritance to my worst enemy—the sexy vampire FBI agent who claims to be my fated mate.

Oh, and the book’s been stolen so I have no way of getting the answers I need to survive.

What choice do I have, but to hunt the beasts and fight like hell to get it back before it’s too late?

**Beware the tempting delights of this 17+ upper YA/NA crossover series – its seductive, hot vampires will have you under their spell! Get ready for an intoxicating, slow burn enemies-to-lovers romance.

**Beast Hunter takes place in the same universe as Tompkin’s School (A Supernatural Academy), A Beaumont Bros. Circus Mystery, and Timur’s Escape but many years in the future. However, it’s not necessary to read the other series first to enjoy this one.

Beast Hunter

The Bestien Compendium

The book of spells once owned by Emma and the Beaumont Bros. Circus that she had to give up in order to complete a mission at Tompkin’s Academy.

When Maremma inherits, she has no idea how real it is and discovers a world of paranormal power and magic that she never knew existed.

Human Realm

The Human Realm is Earth and are inhabited primarily by the nonmagical. However, the Fae have a presence in the Human Realm as well as its government in order to maintain a balance between the realms. The Fae also work to prevent humans from learning the secrets of the realm they inhabit. There are strict laws governing interaction between the Fae and Humans, as well as punishments for those that break those laws.

Fae Realm

The Fae Realm exists within a dimension parallel to ours, and is inhabited by supernatural creatures like elves, fairies, trolls, and sprites. The realm along with all of the faen community are governed by the Fae Tribunal. Similar to an Oligarchy, the Fae Tribunal is made up of an elite group of powerful Upper Level Elementals. Their decisions and actions are the main determinant of the state’s policies and direction of the fae world across all realms.

Hidden Realm

Like the Human Realm has the Underworld, the Fae Realm has an adjacent realm that is shrouded in secrecy. Some believe it to be filled with the worst demons and monsters to ever walk the realms while others think that its the true reason the Fae Tribunal has any power over the realms at all. There is much speculation, but no one knows for sure since there’s no known way in or out unless you’re the Fae Tribunal. What is certain, however, is that the Fae Realm’s adjacent realm is a place to be feared.

About the Fae Romance Realm

The Fae Romance Realm is an enchanted new series of books by Tabitha Slick about the world of Fae both within the Faen Realm and the Human Realm. If you love enemies-to-lovers, fated mates, and thrilling adventures, you will love this new world.

After the Transitioned World closed, a new one opened leading to the Fae Realm. Only the Bestien Compendium and one very new witch in the Beast Hunting Mage Chronicles connects the Transitioned Universe and the Fae Romance Realm.

This new world is inhabited by powerful and magical creatures, including dragons, unicorns, phoenixes, elves, fairies, and more. The realm is full of secrets and ancient magic.

Read the books by Tabitha Slick to find out more!