The Grimoire

The Time Traveler’s Grimoire is an ancient magical book written by the famous Time Traveler and creator of the seven keys, Atlas Runds.

It can only be read by a fellow Time Traveler, a dying species within the Transitioned World. It is both a book of wisdom and power. As such, it has caused many a Time Traveler to become obsessed with it and should be treated with care.

After the Assembly forced the Time Travelers to create keys that could lock the Transitioned World, they killed them to ensure the Time Travelers couldn’t band together to retake their place of power. Before they killed Atlas Runds he left his legacy to his two grandsons. To the eldest, he gave the Key of Keys that could open any door and undo any path. To the youngest, the scholar, he gave the “recipe to life and death”, the Time Traveler’s Grimoire, to protect.

Izara first discovers the Grimoire in Tompkin’s School: For The Resurrected where the book presents itself to her, though she is warned by the Human World Sorcerer with Psychic powers, Tiffany, not to seek out such a book after having a vision of what’s to come.

But the pull of the book on her Time Traveling power is too strong and a battle of power ensues.