The Books within the Transitioned Universe

The Tompkin’s School Trilogy was the first series in the Transitioned Universe.

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A Beaumont Bros. Circus Mystery is the second series within the Transitioned Universe.

It follows the story of a circus with powers from the Transitioned World and sheds light on Emma, a character who appears in the Tompkin’s School Trilogy.

Timur’s Escape is a standalone book with the possibility of being a series within the Transitioned Universe.

Timur's Escape

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It follows Timur, a soldier in the Janissary Corp, who’s an Ubir (a vampire in Turkish mythology). He despises what this life has made him do and goes in search of a cure for his bloodlust.

Timur later joins the Beaumont Bros. Circus after the Valide Sultan and vampire queen, Queen Naz, ensures his removal from the Ottoman Empire forever.