Time Travelers

The seven Time Travelers were the first order to rule over the Transitioned World. They were supernatural scholars with the ability to travel through time. This rare ability among the shifters became one of the requirements for obtaining a seat within the order. That, and a special test designed by the founding Time Travelers.

Understanding the gravity of the power they possessed and how easily one could take advantage of such abilities, they created a system limiting their travel only for the purpose of education. They learned a great deal from the human world, but their observation of its sorcerers was the greatest source of knowledge.

They studied how humans developed special gifts beyond their own capabilities. Astral projection, mind walking, the ability to freeze time known as chronoprohiberis, and many others. From the Time Travelers’ studies, they soon created their own way of developing their own abilities, replicating the human sorcerers’ methods and improving upon them.

These findings were eventually preserved in the Grimoire written by the famous Time Traveler, Atlas Runds, known for developing the Six Keys of the Assembly, the method used by the Assembly to keep the Transitioned World locked from the human world behind a veil.

The Time Travelers didn’t believe such powers should be used, only studied, and that they should all live in harmony.