The Keys

The Seven Keys of the Transitioned World


The Authoritarian dons this golden key made up entirely of crimson rubies at its bow. Those who hold this key have an innate desire to follow and uphold the law.


This golden key contains a row of violet gems at its bow and is worn by the Warrior. Those who hold this key have an innate ability to sense danger and protect themselves as well as others.


The Philosopher is not swayed by the letter of the law, but by the spirit of which it was made. Characterized by their judicious nature, the Philosopher wears the key with royal blue gems at the bow.


The Patriot dons the golden key with a row of opal gems at its bow. They are loyal and will vigorously defend their friends and allies no matter the cost.


A golden key with emerald gems at the bow, the Revolutionist holds this key. The one who bears this key is naturally independent and strives for justice.


This golden key holds a row of diamonds at its bow and is worn by the Nurturer. They put the needs of others above their own and embrace those with integrity.

The Key of Keys

A golden key with a single gem of each type at its bow.

It can only be used by the Time Traveler and is the rarest of keys. It is said to be the master key and was created by Atlas Runds runds along with the rest of the keys. With it, there’s no door that cannot be opened, no path that cannot be undone, but at a dangerous cost.

It has been missing since the Assembly neutralized Credan.


A talisman designed by the famous Time Traveler and author of the Grimoire, Atlas Runds.

Six of these keys were forged by the Time Travelers under the order of the Assembly so that they could lock down the Transitioned World permanently. To keep other shifters from escaping their rule. Only with the keys could one travel between the Human World and the Transitioned World.

It also allows them to communicate with each other and back to the Assembly’s leader, Osiris.

The seventh key was created by the famous Time Traveler, Atlas Runds. He was supposedly the last of his kind and forged the key before his demise in the hopes of saving the world.