Tompkin’s School (A Supernatural Academy Trilogy)

Book 1

Tompkin’s School: For The Extraordinarily Talented

Welcome to hell—I mean, Tompkin’s Academy.

Where students go missing, demons hunt freely, and the school does nothing to stop it.

Oh, and dating the hot captain of the basketball team could be the deadliest mistake I’ve ever made.

I thought my life was over the moment my father sent me and my twin brother to this boarding school in the middle of nowhere. Turns out, I was right.

Now I’m surrounded by supernatural forces with a desire to kill and a demonic voice inside my head that wants to control me and force me to use my newfound powers for evil.

With darkness greeting me at every turn, I’m determined to fight it and bring down the monsters in this school even if it’s the last thing I do.

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Book 2

Tompkin’s School: For The Dearly Departed

Welcome to year two at Tompkin’s bloody school!

Our powers have grown stronger than ever and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

With a snap of her finger, Izara can hold fire in her hands. It whispers sweet nothings in her ear and prods her to drink blood. I’m afraid she’s totally lost it.

While my twin sister’s busy losing her marbles to magic, I’m out. I don’t want anything to do with the darkness, I just want to focus on graduating and maybe getting into the music industry.

But is there any hope of a future when death keeps finding me?

This could be the end of us and our fight against the school if we don’t get our crap together.

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Book 3

Tompkin’s School: For The Resurrected

With so many questions left to answer, there are two things I’m sure of:
1. A supernatural war at Tompkin’s Academy is inevitable.
2. Kain is a real pain in my side.

Just when I need my twin brother the most, he decides to bail on me and my plan to find another way to help Choyce without performing the ritual that will bring back the demon who forced these powers on us.

But we’re running out of time.

Each passing day brings us closer to the Blood Moon and as supernatural forces of the Transitioned World prepare to unleash havoc on campus, our creator’s power grows from within his grave threatening to possess us entirely.

So what’s a human with demonic powers supposed to do? Fight like hell.