Tabitha Slick

TABITHA Slick (Also known as Tabi Slick) is an enchanting fantasy author who has masterfully delved into the realms of Paranormal Romance, Dark Fantasy, Mysteries, and the captivating world of the fae. She is a master storyteller with an eye for detail and a knack for creating beautifully crafted characters who mesmerize readers from the very first page.

She has written numerous books within the Transitioned Universe and continues to expand her writing into the realms of fantasy romance.

Within the Transitioned Universe, Tabitha has penned numerous books, showcasing her prowess as a talented writer. Her latest endeavor is the realm of fantasy romance, where she continues to dazzle her audience with fresh and enthralling narratives.

The journey into the extraordinary begins with “Tompkin’s School (A Supernatural Academy),” the first series in the Transitioned Universe. Set in the magical Oklahoma countryside where Tabitha Slick herself grew up, this exhilarating Dark Fantasy series acts as a gateway to her eagerly anticipated novel Claws & Cocktails, the first book within the Fae Romance Realm and available for pre-order in the Beyond the Veil limited edition anthology.

Tabitha’s love for language and literature propelled her from Oklahoma to study in Puerto Rico, and ultimately brought her to the vibrant Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. With a background in Linguistics, she’s a constant researcher, immersing herself in her world-building process and frequently seeking inspiration between the pages of an engaging book.

When she’s not weaving her writing magic, Tabitha enjoys exploring new destinations, cherishing quality time with loved ones, and sharing her passion as a dedicated fitness instructor. Her diverse interests and talents reflect her vibrant personality and her constant quest for inspiration and growth.

With each new release, Tabitha Slick continues to enchant readers, drawing them into worlds of wonder and imagination. Her magical storytelling and passion for her craft ensure that her literary journey is one that will endure, leaving a lasting mark on the hearts of those who embark on it.


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