Transitioned World

In the beginning, when the Earth was just darkness, beings of a different nature existed in a realm adjacent to ours called the Transitioned World. A place filled with shifters and supernatural creatures far beyond our wildest dreams. The Transitioned World flourished by the hands of a supernatural force known as the Time Travelers. In a world of shifters, these scholars had the ability to bend time and learn from future generations.

For hundreds of centuries, shifters of the Transitioned World lived in peace under their guidance. The Time Travelers studied the ways of man, learning from the most knowledgeable scientists, artists, engineers, and sorcerers from the human world, bringing their findings back to their own people.

Only those born with time-traveling powers could move up in the ranks and be trained by the Time Travelers. Since supernatural gifts were largely inherited through bloodlines, it became nearly impossible for a line without a Time Traveler to obtain a position within their government. This caused some shifters to grow resentful of the elitist society these scholars had created and formed a secret society of their own, calling themselves the Assembly.

The Assembly remained underground, plotting for the best moment to gain control, while the Time Travelers continued to build up the empire. They knew they had to be careful because, for the most part, the people loved the Time Travelers. Under their rule, the shifters received free education, support in growing in their own respective trades, and the liberty to travel wherever they wished. During this time, the Transitioned World wasn’t hidden behind a veil so when the Earth was no longer darkness the shifters could venture to and from this land freely.

But as humans began populating the Earth, this became increasingly more dangerous for the shifters of the Transitioned World. Rumors of shifters going missing, being kidnapped and slaughtered by human sorcerers swept through the cities of the Transitioned World sending shifters demanding that the Time Travelers close their borders to protect them. But the Time Travelers couldn’t bring themselves to do it, it went against everything they believed in. They believed the humans and shifters could live together peacefully if they could just be patient with them.

The Assembly seized this opportunity and accused the Time Travelers of being selfish, that they were putting their own interests above the safety of their own people and demanded that they build a veil separating the Transitioned World from the humans.

The Time Travelers refused and thus began the Great War. Sides were chosen, lines were drawn, and the Assembly’s power among the people grew until the eve of the seventh month. The stars hung low in the sky and a mist swept through the Time Travelers’ forest. Shifters with powers from the sun marched next to those of the full moon against the Time Travelers. Not a single prophecy could’ve foretold that fateful day, the day of the Time Travelers’ demise bringing a new order under the power of the Assembly and from that day onward the Transitioned World would never be the same.