The School

Tompkin’s School is a fictional boarding academy located in the Arbuckle Mountains of Oklahoma. Tompkin’s Academy was founded in 1910 by Thomas Tompkin who died a year after its opening. The school then went to the hands of his son, Timothy, in 1911.

Thomas Tompkin was born and raised on the Tompkin Plantation in the Natchez District of Mississippi. After a tragic event leading to the slaughter of his entire family by a demonic beast with black wings, he made it his life mission to hunt down and kill anyone with magical power.

He hunted for years until he finally settled into the Arbuckle Mountains as he believed this place had some sort of magnetic attraction for the demonic beasts. Perhaps it was the miracle waters of the sulphur springs or some other pull, he founded the school as a way to draw in those with magical powers and hunt them all from the safety of his own grounds.

A secret society was created for this very purpose known as the Nightwalkers.

The Academy was past down to the eldest son for many generations and each continued the Tompkin legacy of cleansing the world of the demonic beasts.

But not all beasts are evil and a final battle between the school and magic hangs in the horizon. After decades of bloodshed and generations of prejudice, two twins who strive to rise above all that is wrong in this world and bring down Tompkin’s Academy forever.