The Assembly

The Assembly is made of a single leader and six representatives. The Leader has total sovereignty over the affairs of the Transitioned World. The Transitioned World is made up of two factions, the Light Faction and the Dark Faction.

Each faction is divided into two territories. The Southwestern lands are one territory and the Northeastern lands are another. Each territory has a representative that brings matters to the head representative of that faction.

The head representative has the final say on all matters that only impact their respective faction according to the bylaws set forth by the leader of the Assembly.

If a matter encroaches on the the affairs of the other faction it must be brought forth to the leader of the Assembly in a hearing with all representatives of both factions present.

Leader of the Assembly

Osiris, ruler over all factions and territories.

Representatives of the Light Faction
  • Evelyn Chomsky, Head Representative
  • Bane, Southern & Western Territory
  • Gwin, Northern & Eastern Territory
Representatives of the Dark Faction
  • Osbel Valkyrien, Head Representative
  • Elyon, Southern & Western Territory
  • Abigor, Northern & Eastern Territory