Magical Species


Shifters originating from the Transitioned World and belong to the Dark Faction. They have the ability to shift and acquire the ability of any animal or beast and often have the ability to manipulate animals.


An extinct species from the Transitioned World, they vanished from the southern territory before the Assembly divided everyone into Light and Dark Factions. It is said that shifters with the animorph ability to shift into this creature are descendants of dragons.


Mischievous in nature, these creatures were said to be the first of the Transitioned World to escape into the Human World. Those who are left reside in the mountains of the northern territory and can belong to either the Dark or Light Faction dependent upon their magical abilities.


Shifters from the Transitioned World and belong to the Light Faction due to their enhanced strength. They live in the valleys of the western plains, have a fear of heights, and have the ability to sense things through other being’s senses.


Human sorcerers, ghosts, witches, spirits, mermaids, fae, and any other magical beings not listed here that exist in the human world. They did not originate from the Transitioned World.


Supernatural shifters who were born from a human parent and a parent from the Transitioned World. These shifters live in the human world and most do not know that the Transitioned World exists.


A large bird from the Transitioned World that lives in the great forest along the boarder in the exact middle of the divided territories. It has the ability to regenerate and is born again from the ashes of its predecessor. It also has the ability to heal others.


Sorcerers from the Transitioned World can be part of the Light or Dark Faction depending upon their individual power.


Humans with AB negative blood type born exactly at midnight on the full moon who were infected with Credan’s blood magic at conception. These humans received parts of Credan’s abilities and transforms them into a being in Credan’s image each full moon which fulfilled The Prophecy. The humans are not related, but bonded by blood magic.


The Time Travelers are an extinct species from the Transitioned World. They were the world’s first rulers known as scholars who could bend and manipulate time. More information on the Time Travelers can be found here.


Shifters originating from the Transitioned World. These beings belong to the Dark Faction and gain their power from the consumption of blood. They live in the caverns along the cliffs of the eastern territory.