The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White is a story with many layers. It begins with a girl on her way to be married to King Arthur, but there is more to Guinevere than what meets the eye. A tale of Kings, queens, knights, and witches, but what about Merlin? Where is he? That’s a very good question.

Although I found this book frustrating at times, I was thoroughly submerged into the world of Camelot. The author does a great job of painting a clear picture of the castle and the village. The characters are vivid and stand out. I’m not sure I enjoy this take on Merlin’s character and at times everything was so vague that Guinevere’s character sometimes became repetitive. But I guess that is an understandable limited due to the POV choice. Though the ending resolved a few things, most of the story’s conflict was not resolved and the readers are left with new questions. Perhaps this is saved to be resolved in future books? Overall, a very entertaining and engrossing read. Would highly suggest for fans of Arthurian retellings.

To The Guinevere Deception, I dub thee worthy of four golden stars!

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