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I hope you all had a spectacular holiday break and New Year’s celebration. At the end of last year I was busy working with my editor to complete Timur’s Escape and guess what? I totally met my goal!

Timur’s Escape is currently being processed by my publisher, but here are some sneak peeks to tide you over:

Watch the never before seen book trailer for Timur’s Escape!

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Coming to bookstores February 22, 2019!

In the height of Sultan’ Mustafa’s reign, a war between Ubir factions has begun leaving the fate of the Ottoman Empire in the hands of one vampire who finds love in the least expected place. Will their love conquer all? Or will he lose himself to the darkness?

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Historical Fiction, Middle Eastern

Release Date: February 22, 2019
For more about the book visit: https://www.tabislick.com/p/ti…

What are you reading goals for 2019?

Need some inspiration? I’ve handpicked a few books that might give you some inspiration:

Limited Edition Urban Fantasy Collection!

With a declining birth rate threatening to end humanity, three fallen angels fight to save it. The Angels of the Triad, the disgraced former protectors of Eve, are fearless in battle. But as demons gather strength, a prophecy is revealed that changes everything.
Sariel is lethal, and he knows it. Now the bitter angel must once again become a Protector, risking everything to guard Jenica a descendent of Eve. The fate of the world is tied to the life of a single woman, a petite blonde with a smile that could make angels fall.

$0.99 $2.99

New Release coming January 16!

Whisper Cove looks like any other place along Maine’s rocky coast. A remote town where every neighbor knows the other, it’s a perfectly peaceful place to start anew.  But nothing stays hidden in a small town. When evil comes to Whisper Cove, will passion prove fatal?


Enjoy 19th century reads?

Welcome to 1884 Waltham, Massachusetts. The characters from book 1 of the Watch City trilogy have combined their efforts to express themselves poetically. Other creative authors include a soundtrack for their novels. I, a poet at heart, am offering my readers this poetry collection. You will find it correlates perfectly with the action and adventure in “Waltham Watch.”


Short story for readers 18+

I prayed for this man, but now I’m suffering from a severe case of prayer’s remorse. That’s alright, I know what to do about his cheating behind. Nellie put her plans in motion, but she had no idea what was really in store for her, him and the other woman!It will be a twisted lesson that they all will learn.

$0.99 $7.99


Join me in Killeen, TX!

If you’re in the Killeen/Fort Hood area March 9, 2019 be sure to stop by my booth! Best of all, the tickets are FREE!

For more information on the festival visit the official website here.
Killeen Convention Center

3601 South W S Young Drive, Killeen, TX 76542

Saturday, March 9, 2019

2nd Annual Brazos Book Festival!

The Brazos Book Festival will take place this year at the Brazos Valley Expo Center. The festival will be located in the Westside Ballroom.

Find out more by visiting the official website  here.

Brazos County Expo

5827 Leonard Rd, Bryan, Texas 77807

Saturday, March 30, 2019


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