*Interviews With The Stars intro music begins as the stage lights up and Tabi makes her way to center stage.*

Tabi (Host): Welcome to the second episode of Interviews With The Stars!

*Applause fills the room*

Tabi: Who enjoyed last week’s season premiere? Well, if you missed the show where we interviewed Ruby, go check it out here.

Tabi (Continued): Today we have a serial killer in the house and he’s sitting in this very audience.

*The audience gasps as they look at their neighboring viewers*

Tabi: Come on down, Eddie! And don’t worry, he’s on strict orders not to hurt anyone here. As you can see we have my personal security team.

*Camera panes over Izara and Kain from Tompkin’s School at either side of the stage*

Tabi: These aren’t your usual guards, they have some serious fire power. Literally.

*The camera returns to the crowd as Eddie stands from the back of the audience and makes his way to the front*

Tabi: Eddie is the star villain of The Foley Chronicles by author Nathan Bush. Put your hands together for him!

*The audience applause with overwhelming looks of curiosity as Eddie shakes hands with Tabi, taking a seat next to her*

Tabi: Wow, thanks so much for joining us!

Eddie: You know me, I have such a packed schedule.

*Eddie gives devilish grin*

Tabi: Oh, I can’t imagine the amount of over time you have. Do you ever consider hiring an assistant?

*Tabi winks*

Eddie: In all seriousness, I do prefer doing my own leg work.

Tabi: Of course. So tell me, why is it you do what you do? I mean, what is with all the killing?

Eddie: It’s all because of Detective Ken Collins. He’s the one that put me in that hell hole.

Tabi: You’re referring to solitary confinement?

*Eddie nods with anger in his eyes*

Eddie: He’s had me locked up in there for years. It’s given me plenty of time to think about my next move.

Tabi: Wow, such drama. And could you tell me a little bit about your world? I mean, outside of the prison, of course.

Eddie: My story takes place in Foley. It’s a sprawling metropolis of nearly 500,000 people. It’s the perfect playground for me.

*A shiver runs down Tabi’s back at the though*

Tabi: Yikes! Definitely don’t be buying any real estate there, ya’ll. And what’s your goal?

Eddie: Ken ruined my life. I think it’s time I returned the favor. I’m just waiting for a way out of my hellish prison so that I can have my revenge.

Tabi: We have time for one last question. This question comes from one of our audience members so I’ll read it off the prompter. If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?

Eddie: As much as I could get away with before getting caught! Oh, you want something specific? Well, I’ve thought about taking out someone famous.

Tabi: Oh, really? Which one?

Eddie: Who it is wouldn’t matter, as long as they were high profile. Even now, just thinking about it, I can imagine my knife blade sliding into their skin; the blood pooling around the handle. Can you smell their fear? Feel their quivering skin beneath your touch? Can you see their soul leaving their body? Stick with me and I can show you so much more.

Tabi: Whew, okay that’s heavy. Well, if you’d like to find out how this story ends check out the series by Nathan Bush. Thanks Eddie for giving us a chance to interview you!

*Eddie is escorted off the stage*

Tabi: Tune in next week for our season 3 finale where we will be chatting with Mierta McKinnon from The Rite of Wands. Have a great night everyone!

*Applause fills the room as the lights dim and the show comes to an end.*


Written In Blood

Published July, 2016

Detective Ken Collins is completing his rookie year in Homicide, a division of the Investigative Branch of the Foley Police Department, when a serial killer with an insatiable appetite for destruction, and a desire to ruin Ken’s life, begins mutilating prostitutes in the 8th District. Ken must work the case with his partner, Senior Detective John Filcher, all while dealing with personal circumstances that include physical and mental issues, burgeoning questions about his Eternal security, and his dad’s recurring illness.
Unfortunately for the duo, the killer is brutal and efficient and leaves no trail to follow. Things get complicated for them when the investigation turns south and the Governor’s newly initiated ‘Special Crimes Division’ shows up. During the course of the investigation, John, a devoted Christian, uses every opportunity to try and lead Ken to the Truth. Will Ken and John find the killer before more victims die? Will the killer make good on his vow to destroy Ken? Will the ‘Special Crimes Division’ make a move to take the case away from the detectives from the 8th District? Will Ken accept the Truth that can change his life forever?

Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2qgZxNJ

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nathan Bush is the author of The Foley Chronicles: Files from the 8th District, a Christian crime series. He has been writing since sometime around high school but only recently published his first full length novel, Written in Blood, book one of his series. He enjoys reading a variety of genres that includes sci-fi, fantasy, Christian fiction, mystery/thriller/crime, and true crime. He also writes in many of these genres, but has found he prefers the crime niche over the others. His goal in writing is simply to entertain his readers and to grow a loyal fan base to spread the word about his stories.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoleyChroniclesNathanBush

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