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*Intro music plays*

Tabi (Host): Hi, and welcome to Interviews With The Stars right here on the Slick Writing Corner, where we bring you exclusive Character interviews.

*Intro music ends*

Tabi (Continued): He’s handsome, he’s charming, and apparently he can fly, put your hands together for the one and only Darek Kemp!

*Audience stands with Tabi and applaud as Darek enters the stage*

Tabi: Wow, what an entrance!

*Darek takes a seat after shaking hands.*

Tabi: You know, some guests on the show arrive in limousines, a helicopter maybe, but you just fly in. That’s quite impressive.

Darek: There’s nothing to it.

Tabi: Just spectacular, really, and I have to say it was lovely running into you the other night in Cetabri City at the Brains to Books Cyber Convention.

Darek: Me too, baby.

*Winks and flashes a brilliant smile*

Tabi: You’re too much, Darek. Well, welcome to the show and thank you for joining us.

Darek: It’s good to be here.

Tabi: Well, I have somewhat of a surprise for you.

Darek: Oh, really?

Tabi: I tried the bottle you sent yesterday of that bold red from Lytia, right?

Darek: It’s the best.

Tabi: Delicious, I’ve never tried anything like it before. Except, for this one.

*Pulls out a bottle of Scarlet Smack with two glasses*

Tabi: It’s a sultry Merlot, has a very nice velvety texture. You’ll love it.

*Pours two glasses*

Tabi: Enough about wine, although I could talk about that all day, let’s sip our wine and get personal.

Darek: I’m ready.

*Darek winks*

Tabi: To start things off, tell us a little bit about yourself?

Darek: I’m from Earth No. 1. I’m a Prime. We’re the best Immunes because we were the first and have cool powers, but the Immunes aren’t about that really. It’s not a competition. We’re family.

Tabi: That’s what’s important, right? And what would you say is your greatest achievement?

Darek: I don’t like to brag, but did I mention that I’m the best surfer on any Earth?

Tabi: You know, I do think I heard something about that.

*Tabi grins*

Darek: I have some tricks. I can fly, erase memories and disintegrate shit to name a few.

Tabi: Wow, that’s incredible. I once tried surfing, I got to my knees but that’s about it. No flying or any of that for me. Now, on a different note, do you have a problem that wasn’t mention in your story?

Darek: Problem? There’s always just the one – how to avoid the cruncher and stay on your stick. And kill Danna. Danna not being dead is a problem.

Tabi: And has anyone ever failed you?

Darek: I’ve been hanging for 105 Earths. Big ass history in that. More failure than I’d like to remember. Enough with the heavy. I don’t do heavy.

Tabi: Tragic. Yes, absolutely. Moving on. So, some of our audience members have been dying to know, what is your favorite song and why?

Darek: Sabotage by the Beastie Boys. Let me tell you the music on this current Earth sucks. These 105ers don’t know what they are missing. The Beasties remind me of my first Earth. Back when there were 5 boroughs and rap.

Tabi: Good stuff. And here’s a favorite, if you were stranded on a deserted island, what person in your world would you rather be stranded with?

Darek: There is no way I would be stranded anywhere. I can fly. But if you ask me who I would want to pretend to be stranded with, it would be Jash. The guy can party and he’d be sure to bring company.

*Audience laughs and applauds in agreement*

Tabi: Sounds like a good way to be stranded. Now, we’re running out of time, but I would like to ask one last question. I’m curious, what in your past would you like to forget?

Darek: Everything. I live in the present. I’m not one to dwell on shit. Take me to the next wave or the next whiskey and I’m good, but there is that one thing I just can’t shake. Being decapitated by Danna on Earth No. 20. I’m still plotting my revenge.

Tabi: That would be hard to forget. Well, I wish you the best of luck on that endeavor. Thank you so much for taking a break from the waves and visiting with us!

Darek: Thanks for the wine, maybe I’ll see you around Earth No. 105.

*Room fills with applause as Darek Kemp flies over the audience and leaves the building*

Tabi: That was Darek Kemp, everyone!

*Audience continues to clap and cheer*

Tabi: I do like his style. Now, in case you all were curious about what Lytia wine tastes like there’s no need to worry. You’re all going home with a sample bottle!

*Everyone cheers even louder*

Tabi: Well, I hope you enjoyed the show! Definitely pick up your copy of Earth No. 105 and Earth No. 105: Birth by Ame Terra and don’t forget to check out a sneak peak of our next episode of Interviews With The Stars right here.

*Tabi walks towards the exit while waving*

Tabi: Have a good night!

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This is Earth No. 105. Create, destroy, and repeat. But 105 is different. It is like no other Earth.
The condition of being free from all flaws and defects is a condition which often requires repetition. Constant failure of said repetition often results in insanity. This insanity must end.
Tova Jurek is a middle-aged wealthy housewife living in the snobby upper class suburb of Krenaw City. Across the river is Cetabri City where Jabpun fever has just been unleashed. The latest terrorist attack to hit Aaricem, Earth’s largest country and economic strong hold. Shem Jurek, Tova’s narcissistic husband and father of her two children, has been exposed by infected co-workers and is in lockdown at Cetabri Funds. Locked down to die. Alina Lon, Tova’s best friend and executive director of the Aaricem Terrorist Agency, assigned Jash Majeed to be Tova’s bodyguard. Jash’s job was to keep Tova safe. Falling in love was not in the job description.

Ryker Chale is a seventeen year old senior at Cetabri City High School. On the first day of senior year, he meets Luna Koen; a beautiful girl with blue eyes the size of moons. The intensity of their attraction, their connection, is unearthly. Both wear identical rings, plain bands made of a shiny black stone. Ryker received his as a gift from his father. The father he never met. Luna bought hers at a thrift shop. The Wearers of the Rings navigate the terrorist attacks on Cetabri City while changes to their bodies and minds manifest quickly like the chaos that surrounds them. Something supernatural is happening to them. As they search for answers, their love for each other grows, as does the hell that consumes them.


Welcome to Earth No. 105, Day 2.2 where we find Zander Chale, Jash Majeed and Darek Kemp attempting to navigate their way through the hell Danna has created. All is new. New and dangerous. Something is different about this Earth. Earth no. 105 has delivered a demon. A demon named Danna.
Against their better judgment, Zander and Darek allow themselves to indulge in the simple pleasures typical of single men in their 30’s, partying and dating. But they are not typical single men, they are Prime Immunes gifted with powers. Prime Immunes who should know better than to fall in love with non-Immunes.
Confused by the new Danna and misguided by love, the three friends struggle to maintain their sanity. The master seductress has Zander on his knees. The leader of the Immunes is failing to protect them, leaving his loyalty in question. While Danna toys with Zander, Jash is on the verge of losing control, Darek releases his dark side and the Clairvoyant warns of a inconceivable future. This is Earth No. 105. Welcome to wacko.


Ame Terra means love earth in Portuguese. The author loves earth, writing, traveling, photography and wine. In her first novel, Earth No. 105, she swirls love and chaos into sweet little morsels of suspense. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, son and rescue pup Odie.


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