Creatures of Fae Mythology That Have Seeped Into Our World

The fae mythology of my Forbidden Fae Realm is getting more expansive! See a glimpse into my magical world.

As summer’s heat approaches, the creatures of the Fae Realm awaken. Ruled by the Fae Tribunal, they venture into our mortal world, bringing their enchantments and legends. Special Agent Trajan Douglas, love interest of my work in progress Beast Hunter, is one of these extraordinary beings. From the Fae Realm, he serves the Faen Bureau of Investigation on a critical mission in our Human Realm.

This bureau, under the Fae tribunal’s command, has infiltrated positions of power to aid the Federal Bureau of Investigation in studying magical beings fairly, solving crimes committed by the Fae, and concealing their existence from ordinary humans.

Among these captivating creatures are dangerous beings you won’t believe. Let’s explore those whose hunting season occurs just after the summer solstice, during the hottest days.

1. Satyr

Be wary of the Satyr, a lower level shapeshifter who can sense your deepest desires. While often associated with summer festivities, music, and wine, their mischievous charm hides their true nature as fierce warriors and deadly protectors.

Yet, their love of frivolity and fun often lead them astray. They’re famous for their satyr dances, in which they get into a frenzy and can party for days on end, barely sleeping or eating. These dances not only leave them exhausted but can also draw in humans, who then have a hard time breaking free.

2. Kelpie

The Kelpie, water horse, is swift, powerful, and lethal. Its shining black coat, sharp mane and tail, and bite as dangerous as knives make it a formidable creature. Despite being a lower-level elemental, its power is undeniable.

When disguised as a horse, this creature may seem innocent but this is just a trap to lure their prey where they become trapped where the Kelpie feed on their power. Usually harmless to humans as they are rarely found in the Human Realm. But that doesn’t mean a stray might get lost and make a mistake. Their senses aren’t advanced enough to be able to tell the difference between fae and humans.

In some tales, the Kelpie can be tamed and made to work with others. Brave and powerful fae can bridle the Kelpie with a stirrup leather, and as long as it is not removed, they will have the power to control the creature, and guide it to their heart’s desire. Fae who choose to do this are mostly pirates because only a seadog is crazy enough to approach one.

3. Fury

The Furies, lower-level elementals from the Fae Realm, embody justice and retribution. Their duty is to avenge crimes committed against their kind. Relentlessly pursuing murderers, traitors, and those who commit heinous acts, the Furies deliver brutal punishment.

Thriving in warm climates, they migrate to the Human Realm during the hottest summers. Their methods are severe and cruel, inflicting madness, tormenting visions, and relentless guilt upon their targets. The Furies ensure that the guilty suffer both physically and psychologically.

Thankfully, most of these beings are under the jurisdiction of the Fae Tribunal, sworn to only torment after a fair trial. However, there may be a few that slip through the cracks…

Mermaid and Merman
4. Mermaid/Merman

The mermaids and mermen, upper-level elemental beings, captivate both humans and fae alike. With fishtails instead of legs, they possess unparalleled beauty and allure. Their voices can charm and enchant anyone who hears them.

But beware their darker side. In extreme cases, some hunt humans during summer, luring unsuspecting surfers and beach-goers to their watery demise. Their hypnotic voices drown their victims with a deadly kiss or drag them to the depths to feast on their souls, gaining more freedom on land.

Yet, most mermaids and mermen cherish their aquatic home, viewing the desire to be free of it as a frowned-upon dysphoria.

Summer is the time for adventure, exploration, and excitement. And when the creatures of the Fae Realm enter the Human Realm, it’s also the time for danger. From the Keplie to the Mermaids and from Furies to the Satyr, the fae creatures that roam the earth have their own desires, loves, and conflicts.

Agent Trajan Douglas and the Faen Bureau of Investigation have their work cut out for them, keeping humans safe from the dangers that lurk in the shadows. So if you hear a call by the waters, or the drunk laughter of a satyr, be on your guard. For the creatures of the Fae Realm are alive and well, and they watch, waiting for their next moment to strike.

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