It’s summer time!

It’s time to discuss a very important topic. Books. What’s new, on sale, or just a must read for June? Let’s find out!
Here are new reads for June:

Craving a Vampire Romance?

Helen Allan’s book Gypsy Blood was just released last month and is already highly rated!

An Ancient Power – a forbidden love.
Smart-mouthed journalism student Freely is not your average 18-year-old. Her best friend is a vampire, and they spend most weekends hiding bodies.
But when she meets the handsome foreigner, Zan, a strange magic connects them that is older than time.
Bound to him, ancient lore decrees she must learn her gypsy powers in time to protect him from the vampires who seek immortality through his blood and help him to hunt the creatures of the night.
Can she betray her friend? Will she learn to see Zan as a fighting partner only, and ignore their mutual attraction? Can she allow him to continue his line, at the expense of her heart?
Or will her love for him destroy them both?


New Book Alert!

The stand-alone book 8 in Joe Jacksons Eve of Redemption series is on pre-order! If you’re looking for an Epic Fantasy/Sword & Sorcery read then this is the book for you.

The dead are rising from their graves. Somewhere beneath the land of Terrassia, something stirs from its ages-old slumber.

Leighandra Evenstar planned to attend the resulting summit of nations simply to chronicle the problem and the suggested solutions. Soon, however, she finds herself wrapped up with a group of young heroes intent on making solutions rather than talking about them. They are an odd assortment – humans, an elf, and one of the wolf-like luranar – and yet Leighandra finds purpose in the unity of peoples and nations.

Will it be enough? Can the gathering of many peoples from many nations stop the awakening of an ancient evil? Or will Terrassia be the first continent to fall?



My latest release Unforgivables is up for the 2018 Reader’s Choice Awards!

If you have a moment, I would really appreciate your vote!

Head on over to the link below and click through the arrows on the left to the Historical Fiction category then click on Unforgivables.
Thanks you for your vote!



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