Happy May, my friends!
Your summer vacation is just around the corner! I know you’re just dying to get out in the sun with a good book and a class of ice tea.
I’ve compiled this list of short reads, new releases, and poetry that should definitely be on your TBR list!
Here are my bookish suggestions for May:

Need Some Inspirational Poetry?
Getting older. What a bummer, right? Beldams & Bedlam by Jen Chichester is a 5 star collection of poetry that explores the woes and wows of life.
Aging, in our contemporary world, is treated almost as though it is a disease. This collection of poetry explores what it means to get older, wiser, and perhaps a bit kookier.
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Fancy a FREE Read?
Then check out the Shadow Stalker series by Renee Scattergood! This book includes 6 thrilling, dark fantasy short stories that are well worth your time.
The Hidden Truth (Episode 1)
A young shadow stalker is destined to enslave the people of the Serpent Isles, and the Galvadi Empire want this child of prophecy dead. Auren Trasks perfectly normal life is disrupted when the Galvadi invade, and she learns a startling secret about her past. A secret that will change her life forever.
The Delohi-Saqu’s Fate (Episode 2)
Auren is being targeted by the Council of Elders, and the only one who could put an end to their corruption is her father. But leaving the Dark Isle would turn Kado against her.
Shadows’ Betrayal (Episode 3)
After seeing the monster she will become, Auren swears not to leave the Dark Isle. Despite that, the elders are conspiring against her. To escape their scheming, she and Kado decide to explore the Dark Isle. But worse things await them in the forests.
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New Book Alert!
What kind of Bookish Digest would this be if I didn’t deliver you the latest news on new books? This Paranormal & Urban fantasy book was just release May 2, 2018 and is being called an “immersive read”!
Autumn has managed to defeat a powerful enemy but at a terrible price. The majority of the Searchers have been captured by the Masters but penetrating the Dehmon stronghold could be a task more difficult than the Keeper and her few remaining protectors could hope to accomplish.

Fortunately, the once solitary group has found some new allies. Ties are formed and bonds strengthened. With powerful friends by her side, Autumn will attempt the rescue of her captured loved ones. She must put faith in herself and those around her if she is to bring her Searchers back alive.

Working together proves to have dire consequences, however, endangering not only the Keeper and her Searchers, but putting the world down a path there is no coming back from…

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Last month I participated in Camp NaNoWriM and while I didn’t quite reach my goal (because I was crazy and planned a vacation during the same month!), I still got over halfway through my next short read.
Timur’s Escape is almost done and I’m really excited to release this project. It’s my first attempt at a Paranormal Historical Romance. It’s also one of the hardest project I’ve ever taken on because it’s set in the Ottoman Empire during the late 18th century. All I can say is that this project was filled with research, research, and more research.
I haven’t quite set a release date for it, but you all will be the first to know!
Here’s a short preview of my WIP:

“Will definitely keep you hooked until the very last page.”
4.1 Stars on Amazon
Published April 19, 2016
Izara Torvik thought her life was over the moment that her father sent her and her twin brother to a boarding school in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. She soon discovers that the school is not as ordinary as she thought and finds herself thrown into a battle against her inner demons that only have one desire…the desire to kill.
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“This story has multiple layers to challenge the mind!”
4.2 Stars on Amazon
Published August 2, 2017
Visions of the past, powers beyond belief, and a school that has been waiting for them for over a hundred years. Kain and Izara’s abilities have advanced far greater than they ever imagined possible and it’s all due to their new friend that has joined them…or is it?
This year will bring the Torvik twins closer to solving the mystery of who they are, why they have these powers, and even closer to unveiling the school’s most haunting secret.
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“An Excellent Short Story!”
5 Stars on Amazon UK
Published March 26, 2018
Emma seemed an ordinary girl, but she had secrets. Not only did she have the ability to transform into a winged monster, she was also wanted for murder. After a series of unlikely events, she finds herself on the run from London’s most revered detective with only a circus filled with paranormal misfits to keep her company. Emma must find her way to freedom, but will she be able to do what is necessary to leave her past behind once and for all?
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