Lydia has had a hard couple of years. Not only is she mourning the loss of her husband, but also the loss of her entire family. She has chosen a life of solitude, except for her therapist who believes she should institutionalize herself. That is, until one day a voice speaks to her that fills her heart with the promises of hope. The only problem is, the voice belongs to a guy living in an entirely different dimension…

The characters:

The main character is Lydia, who is contacted by a guy named Jordan. Jordan could be her soulmate, but we aren’t entirely sure if he exists or not. When she gets pulled into this dimension, forces prevent her from finding Jordan, leading her to a place called the Colony where other beings have been brought to the dimension. At the Colony she is guided by Grid, someone we are unsure if he’s good or bad. At one point the story leaves you guessing who the good guys are and who the bad guys are! Haize, Lena, and Morris are the other characters alongside Lydia battling unseen forces. I enjoyed Lena, although I wish she were introduced earlier on. She is a wonderful character, brave and strong.

My thoughts on the story:

It was rather interesting reading RM Gilmour’s creative description of being pulled into another dimension. I wish that this was further explored in more scientific detail, however, I’m sure that this would be difficult to do without taking away from the romance side of the story. It is a very creative idea and I loved how the Colony and the City were portrayed. It effectively allowed me to see the various differences in the two. However, there were areas that lacked sensory that I desperately wanted to experience more. For example, the smells and textures of the environment.

Although this book felt as though it could be split into two different novels, there’s plenty of adventures to keep you thoroughly engrossed in the story. I personally enjoyed the romance, although I feel the twist that I began to anticipate early on should’ve arrived before it did. Jordan and Lydia’s dialogue portrays two souls who desperately long and care for each other. The Colony is a gripping love story that will enchant you and delight your heart in time and space.

Report Card: 3.5 Stars

1. Character development – ★★★
2. Overall pace – ★★★
3. Plot & Consistency – ★★★★★
4. Conflict – ★★★★
5. Experience – ★★
6. Dialogue – ★★★★

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