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Tabi: Our next guest has stared straight into the eyes of tragedy and lived to tell the tale, she’s a true survivor, please welcome Mia Bryn!

*Audience applaud as Mia enters the stage*

Tabi: Thank you for joining us, Mia, and welcome to our third episode of Interviews With The Stars.

Mia: It’s amazing to be here.

*Mia takes a seat next to Tabi*

Tabi: So, tell us a little bit about the story you’re in?

Mia: It’s a journey novel, really. The story of my adventure, of traveling in the air for the first time. I meet incredible people who want to help me, and those that want to destroy me, although I have no idea why.

Tabi: Wow, sounds dangerous, yet thrilling! And what is your role in this book?

Mia: I guess you’d call me the main character, although there are others that play a really big part in the story. Without them I wouldn’t have a story to tell – in fact I’d probably be dead.

*Mia laughs nervously*

Tabi: Sounds like you’ve surrounded yourself with good people. And what would you say is your greatest achievement?

Mia: Definitely talking Marshal, that’s my Father, into leaving the compound – although our journey wasn’t anything like I dreamed. Especially after we were separated, and then I was chased and ended up finding a…oh wait, I guess I shouldn’t say anything else!

Tabi: That had to be a difficult time for you both. Speaking of your journey, is there something in your past that you’d like to forget?

Mia: When I was ten, my mother, Lillyanna, was taken and my sister, Iris, was killed. I hid in my closet, unable to help, unable to move. Memories from that night still haunt my dreams.

Tabi: I’m so sorry, I can’t even imagine going through that. If you could talk with a
member in your family today, who would you choose?

Mia: That’s a really difficult question. I have so much I’d want to ask my mother and my sister would be able to help me with all the crazy feelings I have for Archer, but I guess if I had to choose one, it would be my Father.

Tabi: And why is that?

Mia: As much as I don’t want to admit it, I need his advice. I need him beside me – especially now, after everything that’s happened. Leaving my compound and traveling into the air was an incredible journey, but my family paid dearly.

Tabi: Well, I hope you and your Father are reunited one day. On a brighter note, would you mind telling us something about yourself that no one knows?

Mia: Well, I’m claustrophobic, which you can imagine, doesn’t bode well when you live underground!

*Audience laughs*

Tabi: That definitely doesn’t sound ideal to me. And what about music? Do you have music underground?

*Mia chuckles*

Mia: I hadn’t really heard much music until I met Amos.

Tabi: And who’s Amos?

Mia: He’s one of the people I met at Luke’s. He told me his instrument is called a banjo. He plays it every night around the fire. It’s the most incredible music I’ve ever heard.

Tabi: Wow, that takes some talent right there. Now, what would you say has been the greatest struggle you have ever faced?

Mia: Leaving the safety of the compound. The outside world is incredibly dangerous. I faced attacks from creatures I never knew existed, found out things about myself my father never told me, and watched someone I love die. I know it’s dumb to say, but I did get to meet some amazing boys.

Tabi: Oh yeah?

Mia: Yeah, guards that helped me – and one in particular that I still dream about.

Tabi: Sounds fascinating. Well, now that the sequel to Into the Air is in the works, you must have some gossip for us.

Mia: I’ve met Major – he’s incredibly cocky, and sometimes annoying, but I think he has a girlfriend. You’ll never guess who it is. Herc, the guard who hates me, still growls at me from time to time but it’s nothing I can’t handle, and I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I’ve seen someone who I thought was dead.

Tabi: Really? Who did you see?

Mia: I’m afraid I can’t say, but I guarantee you’ll never guess.

Tabi: I guess we’ll just have to get a copy of Into The Air by A. K. Downing and read about your journey. Well, that’s all the time we have for today and Mia, thank you so much for making the journey to be with us today!

*Audience stands and applauds as Mia exits the stage*

Tabi: A special sneak peek of next week’s episode of Interviews With The Stars will be posted here after the break, so don’t go anywhere!

*Outro music plays as Tabi leaves the stage*


Get your copy of Into The Air!

When a mysterious letter arrives, Mia Bryn is allowed to do something no one has done in over one hundred years — leave the ground. But Mia quickly learns that surviving in the outside world is more difficult and dangerous than she could have ever imagined.

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic, Survival Stories
Publication Date: September 29, 2016
Available on Amazon: Into The Air


AKDowning.jpgA. K. Downing grew up in the hills of southwestern Pennsylvania and spent her summers exploring the fields, woods and orchards of her grandparents’ farm. She studied graphic design at Kent State University and currently works as a Creative Director. She enjoys history, camping, and walking through fields of tall grass, and feels there is no better way to see the world than from the top of a horse. She currently lives in the woods with her husband, daughter, two cats and five chickens. Into the Air is her first novel.

Author Website: www.akdowning.com

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