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*The stage lights up and Tabi enters the stage*

Tabi: Welcome to the season finale of Interviews With The Stars!

*Audience goes wild with applause*

Tabi: Today we have a very special guest to share with us everything we could possibly know about the world of security is the one and only Lucy Bennett!

*Audience stands as Lucy enters the stage in her black stilettos*

Lucy: Hey Tabi, great to meet you.

Tabi: Hi Lucy!

*The two take a seat as the audience follows suit*

Tabi: Let me just start by saying I’m a huge, huge fan and I’m so excited you were willing to be on the show!

Lucy: Thank you that’s so sweet of you, I’m a massive fan of the show.

Tabi: So, there may be some in the audience who don’t know about your story, would you mind sharing a little bit about yourself?
Lucy: I’m just  a normal woman, well kind of. In my head I am, I love to bake and shoes are my passion. I think I was Imelda Marcos in another life.

Tabi: I can see that, although I don’t know how you walk in those!

Lucy: These little beauties are new and I love them, I actually feel naked without heels. I have an entire wall dedicated to shoes with vintage shoes and I even have a lamp made of shoes.

Tabi: Wow! That’s awesome. And you work at Fortis Security, right?

Lucy: Yes, as a Security Operative, my speciality is hand to hand combat, I even did world level competition, that is until Roz plucked me from obscurity and I joined Zenobi. But I can’t talk about that or she will kick my ass. Now I’m back with Fortis and happier than ever, it’s a good fit for me.

Tabi: And what’s it like being a part of the Fortis Security team?

Lucy: I love it! Zack is an amazing boss and I get to work with the best operatives. My brother, Dane, can be a bit overbearing but that’s brothers for you.

Tabi: Of course.

Lucy: Jujitsu is my favourite of the martial arts as it combines everything and I’m pretty mean with a sniper rifle.

Tabi: That’s fantastic! And what did you go to college for?

Lucy: Computer Science and Design.

Tabi: I’ve heard that’s a tough degree plan. Since you’re a security girl I’m sure there are just some things you can’t tell us, but I’m curious if you might be willing to share with us something no one really knows about you?

Lucy: I can’t look at a pair of Doc Martin boots without feeling a soul deep pain in my gut.

*Audience laughs at this*

Lucy: Flats urgh.

Tabi: Would you mind sharing with us one of your favorite childhood memories?

Lucy: Barbecuing bananas filled with chocolate at Bigbury Bay every summer and sleeping in a tent, while it rained.

Tabi: That does sound special. Cherish those memories with you forever.

Lucy: I do memories are precious.

Tabi: And if you could have a conversation with anyone from your past, who would it be?

Lucy: My Mum! So I could explain why I wished all the awful things I did and say I’m sorry.

Tabi: I’m sure somehow, she knows. Okay, to lighten things up a bit, I have a silly question for you. You’re shipwrecked on a deserted island, you’re stuck there with a celebrity, who is it and why?
Lucy: Um, is Jace listening? If he is then, it would have to be Masahiko Kimura. He is a legend in martial arts. If he isn’t…

*Lucy looks around suspiciously*

Lucy (continued): then totally Liam Hemsworth.

*Audience chuckles*

Tabi: We won’t tell him, I promise. Speaking of men, it seems like something steamy is in the works between you and Jace. Would you mind telling us about it?

Lucy: Jace and I have been dancing around each other for years, but it finally seems we are on the same page. He is my lobster and well look at him. He is totally hot!

*Audience applaud enthusiastically*

Tabi: And what about him first attracted you?

Lucy: I wish I could say something clever like his whit or his kindness or even his honour but I was a teenager and it was totally his abs.

Tabi: How did you two meet?
Lucy: Jace went through SAS training with my brother Dane. They became friends and Dane brought him home for the weekend. I fell in love and never fell out.

*The audience awws at the sweet memory*

Tabi: And what do you think your brother Dane would think of you being with one of his friends?

Lucy: Dane is so overprotective it isn’t funny.  But he has always been my best friend and my hero. Dane loves me and he loves Jace so he will get over it. If he doesn’t  I will kick his ass.

*Audience laughs at this*

Tabi: What’s your favorite quality in a man?

Lucy: Heart and integrity. Although a sexy Adonis belt helps.

*A loud applause from the audience reveals their agreement*

Tabi: I’m sure it does!

*Tabi winks*

Tabi: On a more serious note, would you say security is more about who you know or skill?

Lucy: Both. Who you know will only get you so far if you have no skill in the field you will die.

Tabi: What’s the first step in getting into this industry?

Lucy: Well I fell into this, but your best bet is start off small and maybe go the private route.

Tabi: Would you say the level of training is better in the private sector?

Lucy: No but the money sure is and as things are I sure as hell wouldn’t trust the government.

Tabi: Now, we’ve been hearing rumors about the threat of the Divine Watchers that appear in your story. How close are you all to taking them down?

Lucy: They are wound so deep in the fabric of society that it will take time, but we have a plan and we have the best damn people in the business. We will beat them and they will hurt for what they have done.

Tabi: Well, we’re excited to hear how this comes about. Thank you so much for joining us on the season finale of Interviews With The Stars season 2!

Lucy: Oh it was my pleasure, I had so much fun.

*Lucy waves goodbye as she exits the stage*

Tabi *Addressing the audience*: This concludes season 2 of IWS. We hope enjoyed the show and we’ll see you next time!

*Audience applause as outro music plays. The camera slowly zooms out and the stage fades*

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Maddie is a married mum of three children. She lives in Hereford in the UK. She loves martial arts and Ale, although not together. Maddie gained her black belt in karate at 14 yrs old and then went on to study jujitsu. She now watches her twin sons from the sidelines. Healing Danger is her debut novel.

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