You know that moment when you finally solve a problem you’ve been trying to crack for… well let’s just say awhile? Yeah, I had that moment just now after (I’m embarrassed to say) months of trying to get Smashwords to approve my new release into their premium catalog and the funny thing is it was a really simple problem.
Smashwords doesn’t like .docx files which is what I’m working with because I use Google Docs to write. Why don’t I use Microsoft Word or Scrivener? Well, here are just a few reasons:

  • It’s free (Unlike many of the other products)
  • I can access my files any time, anywhere via Google Drive
  • If my computer crashes or my WiFi goes offline for a minute, my stuff won’t get lost
From my Google Doc I can download the file into several different formats. I download html for Amazon and it converts the file beautifully without any trouble. However, Smashwords has very specific formatting requirements that you have to manually change (unlike Amazon that automatically does a lot of magic to your uploaded file to make it work).
Well, apparently for Smashwords the links of chapters in Table of Contents can’t be linked via Bookmarks but has to be Headings (perhaps you already know this as you read the Smashwords manual which I did not 😀…oops). But that was the only problem the file had. After trouble shooting the issue over and over, I finally got it and I’m super excited to announce that my newest release, Tompkin’s School: For The Dearly Departed, is now available everywhere!
“If you like demons, urban fantasy, boarding schools, and books that include the 1900s, you’re likely love this series.” — Songs Wrote My Story Review

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