Hey there book buddies!
April showers may bring May Flowers, but guess what? It also brings some great reading weather.
Here are my picks for April:

Need A Short Read?
The Fallen Cross Pack series are what you need.
Patrick O’Connell was a family man with a wife he loved and a child they adored. A fateful trip to the corner store robs him of everything he holds dear, including his humanity. This four part series chronicles Patrick’s change from regular Joe to Werewolf Alpha, following the fated couple’s struggles to regain the life and love so cruelly torn from them.
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Enjoy Fantasy?
Then check out Curse Breaker!
Magic is illegal. But enchanted trees walk, ghosts beg for help and demons plot. Neither is prepared when their plans collide and ensnare an untrained mage and his young son. Sarn will do anything to protect his son—even if that means taking on the enchanted forest, ghosts, monsters and a power he cannot fully control. But he must hurry. Time’s running out and his master’s calling. 

This set includes four fantastical stories. Need I say more?

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Like A Little Historical Romance?
Then check out The Artist by Lyra Shanti! It’s set to release April 18, 2018 but is available for pre-order today.
Apollo Antonius Vidali was born and bred to be a great artist and musician, but in his search for artistic brilliance, he finds demons best left forgotten. Music… Madness… Sex… and Art. Can love save a man from himself?
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Do Fairy Tales Catch Your Fancy?
Then E.J Bennett’s Wicked Forest has what you need.
A legend and prophecy foretold puts Crystal in grave danger. With the handsome yet intriguing Levi by her side along with her crush Drake, Crystal embarks on a journey that no teen should have to face.
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The 3rd season of Interviews With The Stars, a talk show where book characters from around the book world are interviewed, is releasing it’s three episode season special each Monday beginning April 9, 2018.
Season 3 stars include Ruby from Emily Shore’s Ruby in the Rough, Eddie from Written in Blood by Nathan Bush, and Mierta McKinnon from Mackenzie Flohr’s The Rite of Wands.
SWC Headquarters


I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo and working on my fourth book.
It’s going to be a little bit different in that it’s sort of a Romance. Sort of. It’s about Timur (remember the clown from my novella Unforgivables?) and his life in the Ottoman Empire.
I’ve been reading this collection put together by the Mayor of Istanbul and their Culture Co. for research on the time period. All the information I’m gathering is from first hand information published in a book in the 1700’s! Can you believe that? It feels like I’m reliving their history and I can’t wait to bring it all to life in my upcoming story titled Timur’s Escape.
Also, my novella was just published!

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