Hexengeist Bestien

The Hexengeist is a witch spirit, either a Hexenmann if the spirit is male or Hexenfrau if it’s female and only possesses those who can cast spells.

There are countless types of Hexengeists and each one have a very unique goal that must match that of the human they possess.

For example, Krampus is a Hexengeist who is the punisher of children who are selfish, lie, and cheat. If the conjurer holds this desire in their heart, this allows Krampus to possess their body and take over.

This danger is why many Hexengeists have been trapped in magical Werkzeuge such as mirrors, amulets, and other tools that can trap a Hexengeist spirits.

Known Hexengeist Bestien

Frau Perchta

Frau Perchta

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