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*IWS stage is set up like a dining room and the table is filled with food*

Tabi: How often can you say that you’ve had dinner with a sphinx? Ponder that one for a moment.

*Intro music ends*

Tabi:Okay, so we definitely had an interesting time getting the set and all of our audience members to Kri, but here we are! Most importantly, here to join us on Interviews With The Stars for a special dinner we have the one, the only Axis!

*Audience stands and applaud as Axis, in his humanoid form, saunters onto the stage*

Tabi: Welcome to the show, I must say I’ve been looking forward to having a sphinx on the show for quite some time, although you look a little bit different than I imagined you would.

Axis: Thank you for having me! I’m excited to be interviewed! Yes, I had to come in my humanoid, Sirini form. Otherwise, I’d be too big for the room!

Tabi: Whoa, yes, that would be dangerous. Well, since this is a special occasion, I thought I’d take a stab at creating Earth versions of some of your favorite foods!

*Axis and Tabi take a seat at the table*

Axis: You made Zeewah meat pies here? Oh wow! These are usually found only on Sirin! How amazing! They smell delicious!

Tabi: Well, it’s more of a Zeewah taco, but I did my best. I hope you like it! While we’re eating, would you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Axis: That’s why I’m here!

*Tabi and Axis chuckle at this*

Tabi: Of course. So, I know we’re all curious, because we don’t have any being quite like you here on Earth, where are you from?

Axis (Finishes chewing): Wow, um… That’s a really good question. I’m not really sure, to be honest. When Ayn found me in a cage on the planet Xen, I was clueless about how I got there. I guess I thought I was an orphan, the last of my kind. But now, after reading about other creatures like me, I’m not so sure. I think my parents may have lived on Sirin, since most of the Sarax seemed to be there once. So maybe I’m from Sirin originally.

Tabi: Fascinating! And do you have any siblings?

Axis: Sadly, I think I’m the last Sarax in the universe.

Tabi: Well, I know it’s a vast universe out there. Maybe one day you’ll find another Sarax.

*Axis smiles wide*

Axis: Maybe!

Tabi: And, as a Sarax, do you have any special strengths?

Axis: I can change form and travel through different dimensions. I just haven’t completely figured out how to control any of it yet, so I’m not sure they’re strengths.

Tabi: Wow, that’s pretty powerful stuff. Now, some of our audience members like to submit fun questions to ask our special guests. The one for you is if you were trapped in an elevator with a celebrity from our world, who would it be and why?

Axis: I’d want to be trapped with Jennifer Lawrence. She’s the sexiest human I’ve ever seen.

*Audience applauds in agreement*

Tabi (Chuckling): Really? I have to admit, I’d never guess that one from a Sphinx, but I must agree with you. She is quite terrific!

*Axis nods with a big grin*

Tabi: Now let’s dig deeper, because I’d really like to know you better. What was the biggest struggle you ever faced?

*Axis takes a bite of his Zeewah taco and ponders the question for a moment*

Axis: My biggest struggle was when Ayn and I had to fight my own ancestor!

Tabi: You fought your own ancestor? Do tell us more!

Axis: That happened in book 3. He was mad with grief and completely bonkers. I felt bad for him, but I was terrified the entire time. It was like looking at myself in a mirror, but if I were insane. Yikes!

Tabi: That would be scary. Sounds a little bit like what old age feels like, in my experience anyway.

*Audience laughs*

Tabi: How do you think others view you?

Axis: I think most view me as intimidating… Now that I’m older anyway. When I was young, they thought I looked like a harmless cat with wings. Now that I’ve grown, they’re usually quite stunned when they see me in my true form. Course, when I take a Human-looking shape, my Sirini shape, like I did for this interview, I look like an average cat-person of normal size, so I guess I’m not too scary. Most love my gold and white wings though. Maybe they see me as angelic?

Tabi: You’re quite extraordinary. And here’s a good question for your, if you could live forever, would you?

Axis: I wouldn’t want to live forever. I am afraid I might though, being that I’ve heard it’s nearly impossible to kill a Sarax.

Tabi: That’s a first, many in my world would, unfortunately, kill to live forever. Why wouldn’t you?

Axis: Well, the idea of never resting, never reincarnating… That terrifies me. I also don’t want to watch my loved ones die before me, over and over. I couldn’t take that torture!

Tabi: That is so true. So tell us a little bit about the story you’re in?

Axis: In book 1, I meet Ayn who is hiding from being “The Bodanya,” which is basically the messiah for the planet Deius. His official title is Shiva the Fourteenth, but he’s told by the priests who raise him that he’s their reincarnated savior, and that he’ll find an answer to the riddle of disease and war, which is plaguing their galaxy.

Tabi: That sounds like a lot to take in.

Axis: It is. But Ayn struggles against his fate, and when an unforeseen enemy comes to his planet, everything seems ruined. Ayn has to figure out how to survive and grow up all alone. Well, not all alone since I’m there.

Tabi: I’m guessing Ayn is your best friend in your story?

Axis: Of course! But I also have a very strong relationship with a beautiful woman named Srah.

*A glowing smile spreads across his face*

Axis: But anyway, so much happens after we meet! Ayn becomes greater than they predict! And book 4 is coming soon, which I think might be the ending of the series! I heard there’s a prequel after that, but I guess we’ll see.

Tabi: Well, I’m looking forward to seeing how this story plays out!

Axis: Me, too!

*Strange noise echoes through the stage*

Axis: Oh, no!

Tabi: What? What is it?
Axis: I can’t believe this is happening right now, but my form is changing again without my control!

*Axis begins to grow, knocking the table over. Tabi stands up, a look of surprise glued to her face*

Axis: I’m so sorry, but if I turn into a huge fifty foot sphinx creature or a dragon, I might accidentally destroy your whole room or break something important. This is embarrassing. I better go!

Tabi: Not to worry! I hope you enjoyed my version of Zeewah pies!

Axis: I did, it was delicious, thank you!

*Dashes towards the exit*

Axis: Don’t forget to read books 1-3 (&4 coming soon) to see what happens with me and Ayn! Hint, He becomes an amazing hero and I… Well, I might just find out who or what I come from! Okay, it was fun, Tabi! Gotta fly!!

*The audience gasps in astonishment as Axis transforms into a gold dragon*


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