iPhone Mail

iPhone Mail identifies most junk mail (spam) sent to your @icloud.com address or aliases, but it can mistakenly move email to your Junk mail folder.

Periodically check the Junk folder for email messages that were marked as junk mistakenly.

To indicate that an email message from Tabi Slick isn’t junk:

  1. – Open your Mail app and go to the Mailboxes screen
  2. – Scroll down to the folders area
  1. – Select the Junk folder.
  2. – Find the email from Tabi Slick and slide it left to see options.
  3. – Tap the More button and then press the Mark button.
  1. – Tap the Mark as Not Junk button

This message is moved to your Inbox. Subsequent email messages from Tabi Slick will no longer be markes as junk.