Principal Evelyn Chomsky

Illustrated by Kody Haskins

Evelyn Chomsky is the current principal of Tompkin’s Academy. She’s also the head representative of the light faction within the Assembly which rules over the Transitioned Universe.

As a member of the Assembly, she holds one of the 7 keys of the Transitioned World. Hers is the Authoritarian key made of crimson rubies at its bow.

Since the Assembly’s overthrow of the Time Travelers, the Transitioned World has been divided into two factions, one of the light and of the dark.

Each faction holds two territories, a single councilmember rules over each territory, but reports to the head representative.

Evelyn Chomsky is one of the brains behind the mission of forcing the Time Travelers to create seven keys to lock down the Transitioned World from the Human World and vice versa. She was among the members who eradicated the Time Traveler species in response to the seventh key never being delivered.

The Assembly also made laws to prevent inter-faction procreations, believing that the integration of light and dark factions would create a new species too powerful to control.

All beings of the Transitioned World who had more than a single power were eradicated, save for one named Credan who they hunted for years before finally killing him in a field of roses.

But rumors of the Prophecy and Credan’s return in the form of students at Tompkin’s School swept through the Transitioned World and so the Assembly sent representatives to the school to remove any signs of the threat.

Evelyn Chomsky gained the title of principal after an incident in the early 20th century and has been a watchful eye for the Assembly ever since.