Kain Torvik

Kain - Tompkin's School Character
Illustrated by artist Kody Haskins.

Kain is one of the main protagonists in the Tompkin’s School Trilogy. After his disagreement with his father, Varin Torvik, he and his twin sister are shipped off to a boarding academy located in the middle of the Arbuckle Mountains to complete their high school education.

While trying to adapt to his new life, Kain’s sixteenth birthday falls ona full moon which triggers his transition into a shapeshifter with dark powers he never imagined possible.


“You’ve got to stop using your powers on me.” I shuddered, the air around me thinning and before I knew what was happening, I spun around, waving my hands.

All of the books in the room shot out in every direction, sending some plummeting to the ground while others slid across the table in front of a stunned Izzy.

She blinked. “Did—did you just steal my power?”

Tompkin’s School: For The Resurrected

“A true page-turner”

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Biographical Information

Full Name: Kain Torvik

Gender: Male

Species: Superhuman Offspring

Shifter eye color: Red eyes

Main Powers:

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Absorption
  • Regeneration
  • Resurgence


  • New York (Former)
  • Davis, Oklahoma


  • High-school student
  • Shooting guard for the school’s basketball team


A Supernatural world of adventure awaits.
Tompkin's School Trilogy


Kain was born to Varin and Lenora Torvik, alumni of Tompkin’s Academy’s nightwalkers, a secret organization formed by the Tompkin family to hunt those with supernatural abilities.

As the twins near their sixteenth birthday, they start to show signs of aggression and so their father ships them off to the school. Kain and his twin sister, Izara, have no idea about the school’s ulterior motives or that they have powers in the first place.

The twins share supernatural abilities inherited from birth due to a spell cast to prolong Credan’s life, an ancient shifter born to a forbidden union between a shifter of the light and a shifter of the dark within the Transitioned World, a world of power lying on a parallel universe to the human world. Credan cast this spell to ensure the demise of the Assembly’s rule over the Transitioned World to accomplish his vision of uniting the light and dark, day and night.

The twins’ powers are connected to Credan and allow him to influence them once they’ve shifted on their sixteenth birthday.

Each full moon, Kain transitions into a black-winged demon in the image of Credan with powers controlled by him to ensure his return. But he also inherits powers Credan did not foresee. Because of how his body reacted to the spell, he also inherits the ability to absorb not only water but eventually, this ability grows to allow him to absorb the abilities of others.


  • Enhanced Strength: The ability to possess strength beyond a normal human.
    • This ability allows the fibers within his muscles to fuse together and double in size instantly.
  • Absorption: The ability to absorb and manipulate matter.
    • At first, this ability materializes in the form of hydrokinesis where he absorbs water within his proximity and can then move and manipulate it to his will.
    • The ability eventually matures into the ability to absorb the powers of other people within his proximity for a limited amount of time.
  • Shared Vision: Allows Kain to see what another person is seeing from their point of view and share his own vision to others.
  • Regeneration: The power to heal rapidly from injury and piece himself back together. He also has the ability to heal others.
  • Resurgence: This is what allows Kain to bring others back to life.
    • The full extent of this power is still unknown and it may have unforeseen side-effects on the user that is resurrected.

Powers shared between the human offspring: In their shifter and untied from the full moon forms, the offspring can feel the heartbeats of each other, communicate telepathically to one another, along with elemental teeth, wing manifestation, opti-chromakinesis (eye color changes), chelokinesis (claws), and unfettered body (as long as they transform on the full moon or drink blood).