a.k.a. Lawrence Bartholomew

Illustrated by artist Kody Haskins.

Biographical Information

Full name: Lawrence Choyce Bartholomew


  • Bart Bessler, 1919
  • Barry Art, 1970
  • Choyce, Present

Gender: Male

Species: Superhuman Offspring

Shifter eye color: Black

Main Powers:

  • Enhanced Vision
  • Reverse Chronoprohiberis
  • Time Travel
  • Precognition


  • Davis, Oklahoma


  • Edwin Bartholomew (Brother, deceased)

A supernatural world of adventure awaits.
Tompkin's School Trilogy

Choyce was born in 1893 in Missouri as Lawrence Choyce Bartholomew to a famous brewery owner. He first appears in Tompkin’s School: For The Extraordinarily Talented as Lawrence in visions to Izara Torvik and through these visions she’s able to learn more about their powers.

Later they discover because of Choyce (a.k.a. Lawrence) and Izara’s connection through their powers they are able to communicate through time and space to one another. Together they unveil the school’s dark past.


“But.” I gulped. “You’re a liar. The only person you care about is yourself and—”

Choyce shook his head. “I choose you. I’ll change, just please—”

He suddenly lowered to one knee, still holding my hands in his.

“Izara Torvik,” his voice shook as he whispered. “Will you make me the happiest man in the world and travel in time with me? Help me bring my brother back from the dead, and I swear to you, I will reveal all of my secrets. I’ll hold nothing back. This, I promise you.”

Tompkin’s School: For The Dearly Departed


Enhanced Vision: Allows the user to see for miles, beyond what the ordinary human and shifter can. Users may also be able to have enhanced nightvision.

Reverse Chronoprohiberis: The ability to speed up time.

  • An extension of his time traveler ability and the opposite of Izara Torvik’s power.
  • Limited to objects within the user’s proximity to the item being frozen.

Precognition: The power to see events of the future.

  • This is the exact opposite of Izara’s ability to see the past.
  • Choyce’s abilities have been muted since his brother’s death and he struggles to see as well as he used to.

Time Traveler: An extinct species of magic that used to rule the Transitioned World.

  • Tied to Choyce’s power of precognition, he is theoretically able to travel to the future.
  • Since the death of his brother, Edwin, he hasn’t been able to use this power.

Powers shared between the human offspring: In their shifter and untied from the full moon forms, the offspring can feel the heartbeats of each other, communicate telepathically to one another, along with elemental teeth, wing manifestation, opti-chromakinesis (eye color changes), chelokinesis (claws), and unfettered body (as long as they transform on the full moon or drink blood).