Vampire Bestien


Vampires are comprised of many species. Each species has unique characteristics, such as strength and speed. Some are also able to transform into a bat or mist form, which can be used for quick transportation. Vampires have an incredible ability to heal quickly from injuries, even fatal ones. They are also known to possess heightened senses, particularly of sight and smell.

Upper Level Vampires


A vampire that possesses immense power, strength, and influence over people and other vampires. Through a constant intake of living human blood, though fae blood can be used, humans are preferred, they can control the elements and walk in the sun. Feared by other breeds. Blood Lords lead these clans and are ruled by the Vampire Queen. They are the most powerful vampires in existence. They can even control lesser vampires with their minds and command them to do their bidding. Blood Lords have been known to form coalitions with other Blood Lords in order to increase their power and influence against the Vampire Queen, though these lords are quickly killed by the Vampire Queen’s guard.


Just as the Sanguen vampire, the Nachzehrers can also walk in the sun. However, nachzehrer vampires are not clan species by nature and therefore are nearly extinct. Not much is known about this rare species, however, they do not consume living blood. Instead, they require blood of the recently deceased to survive. Partaking in this type of blood gives them additional psychic powers providing them sensations from the past of the deceased.


Half human, half vampire, these upper level vampires are hardly considered vampires by the other species. Unlike the Sanguen and Nachzehrer vampires, their scent is human and can go undetected by other species. Depending on their breed, some don’t even require blood to survive and their abilities depend on what power the upper level vampire who made them had. Only an upper level vampire can make a Dhampir. Most dhampir, unlike sanguen and nachzehrer vampires, don’t have immortality but can be granted it if the Vampire Queen blesses them with their blood.

Lower Level Vampires


Lower vampiric breed that can shape shift into a bat. The sun is extremely deadly to them and, therefore, restrained to the safety of night or a dark shelter. They feed on both the blood of humans, birds, and insects. They’re exceptionally good at tracking and hunting other bestien. Baital Blood Lords lead these clans and are often under the influence of a Sanguen Blood Lord.

Drudge (“Bloodfiend”)

A lower level vampire that is driven by an insatiable bloodlust, often causing chaos and destruction if not bound to a vampire of a higher level. They’re usually controlled and used by the Baitals or the Sangeuns to do their bidding.